Wedding Party

Our wedding party has been set!

Katelyn McAllister (Maid of Honor) – Kate is Colleen’s younger sister.  She graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2008 and is currently working as a graduate assistant and taking graduate courses at St. John’s University in Queens, NY.

Christie McAllister (Maid of Honor) – Christie is Colleen’s youngest sister.  An accounting major at Marist College, Christie lived in London last year, studying and interning abroad.  She will graduate May 21, 2011!

Heather Glatfelter (Bridesmaid) – Heather is Jay’s younger sister.  She is studying education at UNC Pembroke and is a huge San Diego Chargers fan, just like her big bro!

Kayla Glatfelter (Bridesmaid) – Kayla is Jay’s youngest sister.  She is a sophomore at UNC Pembroke.  An avid reader, Kayla is always the one to ask about the newest book to come out.

Ryan Diaz (Best Man) – Ryan is Jay’s best friend since first grade, when they both met at St. Kieran’s Catholic school in 1991.  Unlike Jay, Ryan still lives in San Diego and can attend as many Chargers games as he wants!

Clif Armstrong (Best Man) – Clif and Jay have been good friends since the very first day that Jay and his family moved from San Diego, CA to Raleigh, NC.  They worked together at the Ice Plex for a few years before Clif moved on for bigger and better things involving Kate Gosselin.  Colleen became good friends with Clif during Comic Con 2007.

Matt Ferrara (Groomsman) – Matt is Colleen’s cousin.  Although he is now at the Police Academy in NYC, Colleen still remembers their fun Wednesday nights in summer ’05 when she would take Matt to drive while he still had his learner’s permit.

Jeremiah Harrington (Groomsman) – Jeremiah (aka “Jeremiah #2”) is Kate’s boyfriend.  A native of Westchester, NY, Jeremiah now lives in NYC and works as an engineer in Manhattan.  Jeremiah also gives amazing fruit baskets of awesome and is pretty handy at building roofs.

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  1. Ryan says:

    heck yes…go Chargers!!

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