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Some notes about flying

Airport info: Anyone who is flying will probably want to fly into MacArthur Airport (ISP) in Islip, NY.  Southwest & US Airways fly into ISP.  All the major airlines fly into JFK or LaGuardia (LGA) (in Queens, NY).  JetBlue tends to have decent sales into JFK while US Airways and American Airlines usually have pretty inexpensive flights into LGA if you book early enough.  Southwest just opened up its schedule thru June 2011. ISP is 20 minutes from my parents […]

200 Days Away!

As of October 11, 2010, we are 200 days away from our wedding day!  Hooray! Things are moving along really well – we have a wedding dress, DJ, photographer, bridal party dresses, and limo done so far and are thisclose to finalizing with the hotels and ordering Save the Dates so stay tuned for the hotel info soon.  Also, Colleen had to special order a few different wedding rings to see what matched her engagement ring the best and those […]

Registry and other updates

We began the process of our wedding registry today!  We got one store almost done but still have a little more to go and then two more stores to get through.  It was exciting and standing in the kitchen section of the store they were in almost made Colleen want to start baking things.  Maybe if she gets some of the baking stuff on the list, she’ll have no choice… We are going to have a lot more updates now […]

Reception Hall

Thanks to some great groundwork by Colleen’s parents, we had the reception halls limited to only 3 choices. We visited all three of them today and made our decision. We will be getting married at St. Anthony’s of Padua’s in Rocky Point on April 29, 2011 and then holding our reception at Giorgio’s at Fox Hill afterwards.  Giorgio’s works with two different local hotels that will bus people to/from.  This is especially great for guests who want to go back […]

Birthday/Engagement Party Update

I know that this is last minute but we spent a while trying to decide on a location to have the party.  We wanted to take people downtown to “show off” Raleigh a little bit but we didn’t know how many people had cars or what time people would be arriving in town and how they would contact us if they got lost, yadda yadda yadda.  We also wanted people to be able to enjoy themselves a bit and didn’t […]

And We’re Off!

Hello, everyone! Since we got engaged on February 10, 2010 (you can read the story from Colleen’s POV here), we haven’t had a lot of time to start any official planning because I was in London for a week.  Now that I’m back and have had a total of approximately 24 hours of flying time to scour through tons of bridal magazines since we got engaged, it’s time to get started. The wedding will happen on Long Island, NY – […]