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Welcome to our wedding website, where we’ll keep everyone up-to-date with all of our wedding news, no matter how exciting or boring 🙂

Jay Glatfelter Grew up in San Diego California. Out of high school he became a professional recording/touring musician with the band System Burned. After finishing his Associates in Arts degree, he started The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack with his father. The podcast became one of the most successful independent podcasts on iTunes reaching #4 out of all 150,000 podcasts featured in the store. It was through the world of podcasting that Jay met his fiancée Colleen.

Colleen McAllister grew up in Long Island, NY.  She attended college at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY from 2002-2006, where she finished with a BA in both Journalism & Public Relations and a minor in English Theatre.  She moved to Raleigh, NC in March 2009.  She wishes that print wasn’t “dying” in America so that she could work for a newspaper or magazine someday.  Colleen’s personal blog can be found at www.collwrites.com.

How We Met:

We met on April 29, 2007.  Colleen had been a listener of the Lost Podcast with Jay & Jack since January-ish 2006 and had started a pop-culture podcast called MetroBuzz in January 2007 that Jay had given her co-host some advice on.  They met briefly over Skype when Jay & Jack recorded a brief segment for MetroBuzz at the end of March 2007, but afterward each went on their merry way.

It wasn’t until April 2007 when MetroBuzz listener/Jay’s grandfather Rob found out that Colleen would be visiting her friend Cassidy at UNC Chapel Hill at the end of that month.  Rob conspired with Jay’s friend Ann to have them meet.  He had each of them contact the other one about possibly meeting up & Ann told Colleen she would pick her up at Cassidy’s apartment in Chapel Hill for a meet-up.  Since Colleen wanted to hang out with Cassidy, she almost said no but really liked Ann so she wanted to meet her anyway.  Jay almost bailed out of the meeting as well because he had “too much work to do” preparing for recording that day’s Monday edition of The Lost Podcast.

On Sunday April 29, Cassidy told Colleen that she had to finish up some work in the lab for school and wanted to know if Colleen could entertain herself for a few hours.  It was Cassidy’s slacking at school that pushed Colleen to tell Ann that she’d love to meet up with her and possibly Jay.  So Ann picked Colleen up, brought her to downtown Raleigh and on the corner right across the street from the Pour House is where they met for the first time.

Ann had to leave after about 45 minutes so Jay volunteered to drive Colleen to Five Guys for a burger and the rest was history!

How did Jay & Colleen officially start dating in July 2007?  How did they handle 1.5 years of long-distance?  Why did Colleen end up in Raleigh, NC?  Stay tuned for written, video, and audio posts to find out the rest of their story.

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